Tehran (IP)- Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Thursday said that IRGC Quds Force promoted the spirit of steadfastness among the nations and youth of the Muslim world.

Iran Press/Iran News: Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major Gen. Hossein Salami on Thursday in the presence of IRGC commanders and officials called the geography of the Islamic Revolution as a field of constant confrontation with the enemies of Islam, saying: "The Islamic Revolution has always had the upper hand using intelligence, tact, wisdom, and prudence."

It is worth mentioning that today is coincided with the anniversary of the proud victory of Hezbollah in Lebanon against the fake Zionist regime in the 33-day war and is called the day of Islamic Resistance.

Commemorating the anniversary of Hezbollah victory in Lebanon in the 33-day war against the fake and child-killing Zionist regime and praising the historic epics of the Islamic Revolutionary warriors, Major Gen. Salami expressed hope that," The resilient nation of Lebanon will overcome the current problems and issues with dignity."

The 33-day war between the Israeli army and Lebanese Hezbollah forces began in July 2006 and ended on August 14 of the same year with the victory of Lebanese Hezbollah; The Zionist regime withdrew from the 33-day war, suffering defeat and heavy losses.


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