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Tehran (IP) -The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign affairs said that the change in the IAEA's approach, which led to the adoption of the resolution of the Board of Governors against Iran, was politicized and pre-fabricated, which disrupted the path defined between the country and the IAEA.

Iran PressIran news:  The proposed US-European troika resolution against Iran was adopted Wednesday at a quarterly meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors.

This is the second anti-Iranian resolution issued by the International IAEA BoG after the implementation of the JCPOA.

The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign affairs, Saeed Khatibzadeh in his weekly presser on Monday said that the message of Grossi's visit to occupied territories is clear.

He went on to stress that IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi must be concerned about the way he is going to be judged in terms of independence and neutrality expressing hope that he will change course.

Khatibzadeh further noted that all obligations of the Islamic Republic of Iran are in full compliance with the safeguards.

Pakistani FM to visit Iran tomorrow

Saeed Khatibzadeh also announced the Pakistani Foreign Minister's visit to Tehran tomorrow (Tuesday) and said that the President of Turkmenistan would also pay a visit to Tehran heading a delegation.

Iran, founder of working group on combating dust

Khatibzadeh, in response to a question about the remarks of a Turkish official regarding the origin of fine dust and Iran's absence from the Convention on Dust in Ivory Coast, said: "Iran is one of the founders of the Working Group on Combating Dust. Iran has been present both in the meetings held in previous years and in the meetings held at the FAO."

He added: "How Iran's views are conveyed and documented in international forums are recorded. Exaggerating the positions of countries other than Iran does not help the core issue. Iran has tried to resolve this issue with a regional approach. There has been mismanagement of water and dams in the upstream rivers. A common answer is needed and should be pursued in a non-political environment."

 IAEA Director-General should be impartial

In response to a question about IAEA Director-General Grossi's visit to the occupied territories, he said: "We are facing a rebel regime in the region, which for more than seven decades has brought the most persistent terrorist, belligerent, lawless behavior to the forefront in the international system.

The regime has spared no effort to ridicule the structures of international law and has done so with a white check signed by some countries. It is unfortunate that the Director-General of the IAEA, as the Agency's agent, provides this structure to such an illegal regime.

That is, he has ridiculed and challenged the structure of the agent. I think the message of this trip is as clear as any other non-diplomatic move. The Director-General should be concerned about impartiality and independence. According to the statute of the agency, he had a definite duty and met the wrong people at the wrong time and place. We have given the answer and we hope that the procedure will be corrected."

Regarding the resolution issued against Iran by the IAEA Board of Governors, he said: "It was a completely political and planned action. It disrupted the path defined between Iran and the IAEA, and according to a joint statement agreed between Iran and the IAEA on March 6, there were reciprocal moves. Certainly, we could not leave this non-technical political action unanswered and we carried out our actions. The actions were decisive and proportionate. However, they say that the resolution was a recommendation. If there was no need to implement the resolution, they should have taken another path."

Iran, India to boost bilateral ties

Khatibzadeh said: "Last week, Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian paid a visit to India. In addition to meeting with the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and National Security Advisor of the country, he met with Iranians and businessmen in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Three agreements and memoranda of understanding were signed during the trip to pursue what is being called regional diplomacy."

 US should stop illusion of unilateral leverage for exerting pressure

The spokesman of Iran's ministry of foreign Affairs stressed that the US should stop the illusion of unilateral leverage for exerting pressure on Iran and then the JCOPA would be finalized.

He also said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is within reach and possible.

"If they accept to return to their obligations under JCPOA and UNSCR 2231, we can go to Vienna the next day and finalize the agreement, " stressed khatibzadeh.  

He also said that the Minister of Foreign affairs is scheduled to head for Africa soon.

 IRGC, nightmare of aggressors

Saeed Khatibzadeh in his remarks said that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is the nightmare of the insurgents, the aggressors of the countries in the region.


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