Dakar (IP) - Hundreds of people marched in the streets of Dakar on Sunday to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and condemn the violence perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians.

Iran PressAfrica: Protesters chanted slogans such as "We are Gaza, we are Palestine. End the killings. Israel a terrorist State..." as they made their way through the capital city.

The demonstration drew thousands of people who called for concrete actions from Muslim countries, particularly Senegal, to intervene in the ongoing conflict.

"As Senegalese, I side with Palestine and all other oppressed people," said Alassan Agne, a protester.

While acknowledging Senegal's limited power to directly influence the situation, Agne urged the country to cut ties with Israel and appealed for a general mobilization to end the killings. "Muslim countries should intensify the pressure. Send money to the Palestinians," he suggested.

Marion Volkman, who attended the march with her family, welcomed the recent wave of countries recognizing Palestine as a state. "It's a good sign, even though it's a bit late, but it's a very encouraging movement and every country in the world should recognize Palestine," she said.

Haddy, another Senegalese protester, angrily denounced the events in Gaza as a genocide. "We have to name it a genocide not to be afraid. Countries like the USA and others are just complacent and have been very supportive of Israel. The Palestinian cause matters to us a lot. Senegal and Palestine have been good partners for a long time."

Haddy vowed to continue calling for peace and condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a war criminal responsible for the killings of children, women, and men in Gaza. She called for Senegal to break ties with Israel, arguing that even though Senegal is not an Islamic republic, the majority of the population is Muslim and the country should not maintain relations with Israel.

The march in Dakar was part of a global wave of protests condemning Israel's actions in Gaza and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. As the conflict continues, the international community faces increasing pressure to intervene and find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Near 36,000 Palestinians have been killed and up to 80,643 people have been wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7. 


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