Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman of Iran's Judiciary said that the hostile media try to represent the terrorists arrested in Iran as they were blasting bombs in Isfahan, as innocent individuals.

Four Mossad-affiliated Kumale terrorists arrested last year's summer were executed. They were arrested as they were implementing their plot to blast bombs in Isfahan city in central Iran.   

In a press conference on Tuesday, Masoud Setayeshi referred to the execution of the 4 Mossad-affiliated terrorists in recent days, and said that the enemies are making attempts to introduce the terrorists as political activists, which is of judicial, media, and political wonders: "Shedding crocodile tears and introducing the notorious Daesh terrorists as ideologic activists are of the malicious tricks to clumsily influence the General Public and cover up the goals of criminals and enemies of the Iranian nation."

Although the sheer evidence and the confessions of the terrorists arrested corroborated their crime, the Judiciary proceeded with the legal process of their trial, from the preliminary hearing to the court of appeal, with the defendants' rights of enjoying lawyers being preserved, Setayeshi said. 204

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