Tehran (IP) - These days are the anniversary of the beginning of the eight-year war imposed by the former Iraqi Dictator of Bathist regime, Saddam, against Iran. A war that was planned and launched shortly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran PressIran news: After the Islamic Revolution, those who opposed the Islamic Republic were no longer welcome in Iran. During the eight-year war, these opponents showed their extreme anger by wholeheartedly supporting Saddam's regime, which demonstrated that they no longer had any interest in Iran.

The reason for launching a costly war against Iran by the enemies was to suppress the revolution of the people.

More than 65 thousand billion dollars were spent to destroy Iran's Islamic revolution, but it ultimately bolstered the country's progress over the course of eight years of defense.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution gave meaning to the identity and independence of the Iranian nation. The epic creations of the holy defense were born in the shadow of these two crucial principles.


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