The media of the Lebanese Resistance Forces announced on Wednesday evening that Hezbollah had targeted Israel's Birket Risha barracks.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Lebanese Hezbollah movement said on Thursday it targeted Birket Risha, an Israeli regime military site, with missiles.

In the statement of Hezbollah, it is said that the bases of Zabedin, Hanita, and Roysat al-Alam were also targeted by a missile attack.

Hezbollah fighters also forced a Zionist occupation drone in the sky over the border areas with occupied Palestine to retreat.

Hezbollah has been engaged in operations against Israeli positions at Lebanon’s border since October 8, a day after the regime unleashed its war on Gaza following the Al Aqsa Flood Operation by the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, earlier that day.

Hezbollah says it has inflicted heavy losses on the regime, but Israeli authorities hide the real numbers of military fatalities and the extent of the material damage caused. 219

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