The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has announced carrying out multiple attacks on Israeli targets in southern Lebanon and the occupied Shebaa Farms in the past few hours.

Iran Press/West Asia: In the latest strike, Hezbollah said it used rockets to hit the as-Summaqa site in Kfarchouba, southern Lebanon, achieving a direct hit with an unspecified weapon. The group also reported hitting "spy equipment" in Jal al-Allam and shelling the Ramyah site with artillery. Hezbollah and the Israeli military have been engaged in a series of tit-for-tat attacks across the Lebanon-Israel border since October 2023, raising fears of a wider regional war

The ongoing conflict has resulted in the deaths of over 250 Hezbollah members and 75 civilians in Lebanon, while around 20 people, including soldiers and civilians, have been killed in Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant recently warned that "this summer may be a hot summer" and that either a diplomatic agreement or a military solution is needed for residents of northern Israel to return home safely. The latest escalation comes amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, with Hezbollah opening a second front to relieve pressure on its ally. 

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