IP - Palestine's Islamic Movement hit Haifa Port City in the northern part of the occupied territories with R160 rockets.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Haifa is the third-largest city in the Israeli-occupied territories after al-Quds and Tel Aviv. 

Since Saturday, resistance groups in the besieged Gaza Strip have fired over 5,000 rockets at the occupied territories. Israeli media outlets report that more than 1,200 settlers and troops have been killed and a lot more injured as a result.

In another development on Wednesday, Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement said it fired missiles on the occupied territories in a retaliatory strike after three of its members were killed earlier this week in an exchange of fire in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah “targeted a Zionist Israeli position... with guided missiles,” in a “firm response to Zionist attacks... which led to the martyrdom of a number of brothers,” the movement said in a statement.

The Lebanese resistance group warned of a “decisive” response to Israeli attacks “targeting our country and the security of our people, especially when these attacks lead to the deaths of martyrs.”

Lebanon’s National News Agency also reported that Israeli fire on several locations along the border had been “countered by resistance (Hezbollah) machine guns.”

Fifth Day of War

Meanwhile, Israel has launched a fresh round of airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip on the fifth day of Operation Al-Aqsa flood, the largest military operation by the Palestinian resistance groups against the occupying entity in decades.

The official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported on Wednesday that the Israeli warplanes bombed residential apartments as well as a port in the west of Gaza City with a large number of rockets and shells.

The Ministry of Health said that 1055 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip and 5184 others injured in the ongoing Israeli raids against the coastal area for the fifth day in a row, with 60% of the casualties being children and women.


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