Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement has announced the election of Khaled Mashal as the head of its politburo abroad and Mousa Abu Marzouk as his deputy.

Iran PressMiddle East: “Our leadership abroad will be able to hold the internal elections for over a month to choose its new Shura Council and convene it in the presence of its members,” Hamas said in a statement.

It added that such elections are held by the Movement periodically in all areas of its presence abroad.

The Movement asked Almighty Allah to help Mashal and Abu Marzouk successfully assume the tasks they were entrusted with and carry the resistance banner until the liberation of Palestine.

In this regard, the head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya congratulated Masal over the phone for winning the confidence of his comrades who elected him as head of the Movement abroad.

Haneyya also congratulated Abu Marzouk over the phone on his election as deputy head of Hamas abroad.

He wished them both every success in their new leadership roles.