IP - The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), on Wednesday, condemned the Israeli parliament's decision not to recognize the independent state of Palestine.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Israeli Knesset voted strongly in favor of a measure rejecting unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state by international actors. 

The Hamas movement announced by publishing a statement: "The decision not to accept the formality of the independent state of Palestine is a continuation of the policies of the Nazi regime which denies the rights of the Palestinian people in the field of freedom and independence, as well as ignoring the international community and international resolutions."

The Israeli parliament's approval of the resolution was denounced by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry stated: "By rejecting a Palestinian state and showing hostility to the world, they persistently seek to infringe on the rights of our people with their occupying forces, hold the Palestinian state hostage to their racist colonial interests."

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry added: "The Knesset's decision is "an official attempt by Israel to defy the international community, the full membership of the State of Palestine in the United Nations and its recognition by many states do not require the permission of Israeli regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." 204

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