Baghdad (IP) - During a meeting with the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Seyyed Ammar Hakim, the leader of Iraq's national wisdom movement, emphasized the importance of strong relations and synergy between Iraq and Iran in all fields, and said that it will benefit all and expressed hope that Bagheri's visit to Iraq will strengthen relations even more.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran Press, during, this meeting which took place on Thursday evening at the office of the leader of the Iraqi national wisdom movement in Baghdad, Hakim once again expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of Ebrahim Raisi, the late president of Iran and Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and their companions and emphasized that this incident It was very impressive for Muslims, including the Iraqi nation, and called for taking the most of opportunities in the face of challenges.

Hakim called the standing of the Palestinian nation a bright spot in the Muslim world and appreciated the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Palestinian resistance and called for paying attention to the widespread reflection of the Palestinian crisis at the global level and demonstrations in support of it in Western universities.

The leader of Iraq's national wisdom movement also said about the internal conditions of Iraq that the country has gone through many political, social, and security challenges, and the federal government headed by Mohammad Shia Sudani and the provincial governments are working hard to provide services and implement construction and development campaigns, adding: "This has increased people's satisfaction with the government and political forces."

Hakim added that the coordination framework of Shia political forces is a witness of complete integration and coherence, and this made it able to provide an important framework for the protection of the country, the formation of the government, and the implementation of elections, which showed the role of the coordination framework in the results of the provincial elections, and most of the provinces, the coordination framework was able to have a prominent presence.

He emphasized that Iraq is seeking to end the mission of the international coalition forces after their presence is no longer needed due to the defeat of ISIS and said that the presence of the coalition with this amount of forces evokes a kind of guardianship over Iraq.

The leader of Iraq's national wisdom stream emphasized the existence of a specific timetable for the withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq and said that the government is working to set this timetable and turn the coalition into bilateral relations between Iraq and some coalition member countries.

Hakim continued that the people's satisfaction with the government and political forces, the state of authority of Iraq, and the improvement of Iraq's regional and extra-regional relations are factors that have influenced the handling of regional issues, and in this regard, Iraq's position in supporting the Palestinian issue in all regional circles and He pointed out a trans-region at the level of authority, government, nation and relief.

He added that the complementary relationship between Iran and Iraq is for the benefit of the Islamic world and the countries of the region, and this relationship is rooted in the two nations that have a lot in common.

The leader of Iraq's national wisdom movement praised the policy of martyred Raisi and said that his presidency witnessed the opening of Iran's relations with the countries of the region and expressed hope that this process will continue.

Hakim expressed his hope that the nation and the government of Iran will be able to conduct the upcoming elections successfully and emphasized that the conduct of the elections in this short time shows the internal stability and cohesion in the Islamic Republic and the consolidation of the institutions in this country.

Bagheri Kani arrived in Baghdad for a two-day official visit on Thursday, 13, 2024.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran met and talked with high-ranking Iraqi officials on the first day of his visit to Baghdad.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran left for Erbil this Friday morning, on the second day of his trip to Iraq, to ​​meet and talk with the authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Hakim in a meeting with Bagheri said that the Synergy between Iran and Iraq is for the benefit of the Islamic world and the countries of the region.


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