IP - 1301 Hajj pilgrims lost their lives this year due to the extreme heat wave stroke in Mecca, meanwhile, Saudi Arabia insisted that most of the victims are those without pilgrimage permits.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Fahd Al-Jalajel, Saudi Health Minister in a TV address said that 83 percent of the fatalities were among pilgrims without permits who walked long distances in soaring temperatures to perform the rituals and couldn't reach cooler places.

17 Iranians are among the casualties.

The dead came from more than 10 countries stretching from the United States to Indonesia, and some governments are continuing to update their totals.

The fatalities included more than 660 Egyptians, 165 pilgrims from Indonesia, 98 from India, and dozens more from Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Malaysia, according to an Associated Press tally. 

Over 1.8 million pilgrims performed the Hajj with complete ease and safety, amid an integrated advanced system of services, he added.

Temperatures in Mecca this year climbed as high as 51.8 degrees Celsius (125 degrees Fahrenheit), according to Saudi Arabia's national meteorological center.