LIBYA, Haftar, drone, attack

The Air Force of the Libyan warlord, Khalifa Haftar, has killed at least forty people and injured dozens of others in an airstrike which hit a wedding party in Murzuq, in southwestern Libya.

Iran Press/ Africa: The so-called Libyan National Army, led by Khalifa Haftar, which is in control of large swathes of territory in eastern Libya, launched an airstrike on Sunday on the town of Murzuq, in southwest of the country, according to media reports.

Victims were attending a wedding when the attack took place, Al Jazeera reported.

On Saturday, Libya's internationally-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) said it had downed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), belonging to Haftar's forces.

UN envoy Ghassan Salame has proposed a ceasefire for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, which starts around August 11, and has called for relaunching negotiations.

Since the start of the attack, more than 1,100 people have been killed in Tripoli and at least 5,000 have been injured.

After the overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, with military intervention of the United States, and some European countries, Libya has been a country in turmoil, with various factions and warlords fighting one another. The country does not have a stable government and political system.

During the last 4 years, due to the disagreements between parties and groups, Libya has two parliaments (Tobruk parliament in the east and the Tripoli Parliament in the capital of Libya), and two armies.

The Tobruk parliament, supported by the Libyan National Army, is led by Khalifa Haftar; and the internationally-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) of Libya is led by Fayez al-Sarraj.   207/211/209

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