Tehran (IP) - Government spokesman said the US had not only failed to securitize and isolate Iran but had also faced moral isolation and legal condemnation at UN General Assembly and International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Iran PressIran news: "Today we can say that all the desperate efforts that wanted the collapse of Iran and the lives of the people are coming to an end," Ali Rabiei said in a press conference on Tuesday.

Stating that the government has done its best in countering the coronavirus and the economic war, as well as in foreign policy, Rabiei added: "In foreign policy, we have achieved great successes and defeated the US at the international bodies and isolated it."

"We are confident that in the coming months, the US government will have no choice but to join the global peace process and end the pressure campaign against Iran, and a new chapter of engagement with the world will begin," the spokesman noted.


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