Tehran (IP) - Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi said that the recent agreements with the regional countries will contribute to economic stability in the coming year.

Iran PressIran news: The intensification of the currency war of the ill-wishers with the Iranian people, especially after the failure of the riots project, and the Iranian President’s strategic and fruitful trip to China, shows that after being disappointed in the street and realizing their miscalculation, they are focusing on their hybrid war on the economic aspect, Bahadori Jahromi said.

It is aimed at creating a psychological atmosphere and dissatisfaction and blowing the flames of riots and unrest in Iran, he added.

Detailed information indicates that the US espionage services and some specific governments have been assigned the mission to prevent stability in the Iranian currency market, he noted.

The government is adopting a new arrangement in the field of foreign exchange from today, he said adding that this arrangement is designed by taking advantage of past experiences and anti-sanction achievements.

Referring to the government’s acts in the field of monetary and banking diplomacy, he said that thanks to good negotiations with other countries, especially the global economic powers in Asia, good economic and banking agreements have been made, which will help economic stability in the coming year.

The government will continue to develop trade channels with other countries, especially regional allies, Bahadori Jahromi said.

This process started last year and Iran’s foreign trade has increased by 40% compared with the last year, he stated.

"We have also provided various routes for trade exchanges with our trading partners, including Russia and China, and we have introduced ruble and yuan instead of dollars and euros into our exchanges, which will also help to better manage the foreign exchange market," he concluded.


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