Tehran (IP) - Iran's government spokesman says insulting Islamic holy books and beliefs are very heinous action against human rights. 

Iran PressIran News: The government spokesman stated that the child-killing Israeli regime is behind any heinous actions.

Attending his press brief on July 25, Ali Bahadori-Jahromi noted that insulting Islamic holy books and beliefs are very heinous action against human rights. 

Bahadori-Jahromi said: The insulters will not be successful, and the thoughts of people all over the world will not be diverted by evil deeds. 

He said: Any action that promotes violence and calls hatred is against basic human rights.

He noted: Insulting Islamic holy books and beliefs has been committed by usurping regimes, especially Israel.

Water management advanced 40 percent in Iran

The Iranian Government Spokesman says the administration is following up on its plan to manage the water crisis in the country, with the water projects launched having about 40 percent progress.

Bahadori told reporters that those parts of the country coping with the water crisis have been identified, and 240 plans have been presented to manage the water crisis, noting that such an issue is not confined to Iran but to the whole world.

He said that the budget allocated to manage the water issue in the country, 13,000 billion tomans, has been tripled compared to what was in the previous administration.

A national campaign is required besides the government's measures to manage the water consumption in which the people, the farmers, and the industries must have contribute, he pointed out. 

As an instance of the measures taken to address the water crisis in the country, he mentioned the bringing of 5 water pipelines from the Persian Gulf to the central part of the country and the desalination of the water. 

Bahadori also referred to the water share of the Helmand River in Afghanistan and said that the administration's position in this regard is clear.

He stressed that the government is committed to reviving the Iranian people's share of the Helmand River. On the sidelines of the unveiling of Iran's water resources monitoring counter on Saturday, July 15, Iran's Minister of Energy, Ali Akbar Mehrabian, told reporters that despite consultations about the release of Helmand water, it still needs to be implemented.

Tehran stops receiving new Swedish amb'r.: Gov't. Spox

The Iranian Government Spokesman said the country has stopped the reception of a new Swedish ambassador and sending an envoy to Stockholm.

Bahadori told reporters Tuesday that Tehran has halted ambassador exchange with Sweden in reaction to the Swedish government's green light to desecrate the Holy Quran. 

He said Iran has called on the Islamic Countries Organization (ECO) to hold an urgent meeting to address the Western blasphemy. 

An extremist named Selvan Momika, who insulted the Holy Quran in Stockholm on June 28, insulted the Holy Quran on Thursday for the second time after obtaining permission from the Swedish police.

The Swedish Court of Appeals showed the green light to the perpetrators of the crime. Two weeks after Sweden's appeals court overturned the police ban on anti-Quran demonstrations, the police issued a permit, and the organizer of the demonstration burned a copy of the Holy Quran, which resulted in worldwide protest and condemnation.  


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