Gore-Jask pipeline most strategic oil project of Iran

Tehran (IP) - Gore-Jask crude oil pipeline project, south of Iran, inaugurated by Iran's President on Thursday, June 26, is one of the most strategic gas and oil projects of the country.

Iran PressIran news: Inaugurating 3 major oil, gas, and petrochemical projects, Hassan Rouhani said: "Those foreign companies who stopped working in Iranian petrochemical industry and those who imposed sanctions on Iran, namely the US and foes like the Zionist regime, are fully aware that they cannot impede Iran from boosting production and technology.".

The objectives of strategic and national plan of 'Gore-Jask' crude oil pipeline project' include:

Creating a capacity of transporting one million barrels of crude oil per day,

Storing and exporting it through the new Jask terminal,

Ensuring the continuity of crude oil exports,

Decentralizing export and diversification terminals,

And finally sustainable development and job creation on the shores of Makran.

Rouhani described the Gore-Jask pipeline project as one of the most strategic gas and oil projects of the country and added that the inauguration of 17 major projects by the end of the current year, the country's petrochemical production capacity will have doubled compared to the previous seven years, reaching $ 25 billion, with a major surge happened in the industry.

The importance of oil transfer project from Gore to Jask new terminal:

Supply and construction of 1,000 kilometers of 42-inch pipeline compatible with sour oil,

Construction of 5 pump houses and three stations between the pipeline and supplying electricity to them,

Construction of pig send-receive stations and the final terminal,

Construction of marine facilities including three floating spheres, relaxation pool and its ancillary facilities on the Makran coasts

It is noteworthy that despite the US sanction against Iran, all the contractors, producers, and constructors involved in the national and strategic projects of the Gore-Jask pipeline are Iranian.

Furthermore, over 95 percent of the services and goods needed are supplied from within the country, and sanction imposers must know that "we can" and the Iranian oil industry will not stop with sanctions.


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