Gaza (IP) – Different political factions in Palestine along with the people of Gaza gathered in the eastern part of the city to announce their support for the resistance of the people in eth West Bank.

Iran PressMiddle East: For months, the clash between the Israeli regime's troops and the people has been ongoing in the different parts of the West Bank. 

Nablus in the West Bank has turned into the core of the armed resistance, which itself has become a serious challenge for the Israeli regime. The supportive gathering of the Palestinian political groups in Gaza was held on Saturday with the presence of the resistance front's leaders. 

There, a member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Khalid al-Batsh, said the message of the people's resistance in Nablus, Jenin, and Tulkarm was clear. 

"The revolution and liberation [of Palestine] has begun, and the attempts to bury the resistance will not succeed, and it is necessary for the people to support the resistance in the West Bank more."  

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He stressed the formation of a unified leadership to manage the resistance from north to south of the West Bank. 

On Friday that the Israeli regime's troops shot a Palestinian dead in the West Bank's northern part.

Since 1948, the Israeli regime has invaded Palestine, arresting, wounding, and killing the Palestinian people and destroying their homes. 


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