The Director General of Gaza's hospitals reported that no fuel tankers have yet reached the hospitals in the northern parts of the Palestinian city.

Iran PressWest Asia: Muhammad Zaqout said that the number of Palestinians injured being passed through Rafah crossing is below 20 and that there is no hospital in the Gaza Strip that has not been bombed by the Israeli regime. 

Gaza's Ministry of Health also called on the medical staff in the city to join Kamal Udwan Hospital in the north of Gaza.  

Still, the reporter of Palestine Today stated that the medical aid that entered Gaza was not adequate to meet the needs of the war-hit people. 

Very few medical supplies and equipment have reached Palestinian citizens in the shelters. Tens of thousands of people in the Gaza Strip sleep at gas stations until their turn comes, the reporter added.

Since its all-around attack on Gaza on October 7, the Israeli regime has targeted Gazan infrastructures, especially the hospitals; the result of the attacks was the martyrdom of nearly 15,000 Palestinian people and the objectives the regime failed to reach. 

The Israeli prime minister and his cabinet now should be held accountable for the regime due to the military spending and the consequent economic pressures on the Israeli settlers. 219

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