France (IP) - Following the primary outcome of the French parliament elections and the victory of the right-wing party, thousands of French civilians staged street protests.

Iran PressEurope: Three political blocs took part in the elections to take the parliament's seats; the extreme right-wing party "National Rally" led by Marin Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, the centrist parties coalition led by Emmanuel Macron, and the coalition of New Popular Front consisting of the leftists. 

The right-wing French National Rally party won about 33.2 percent of the votes in the first stage of the French national elections. The coalition of leftist parties "New Popular Front" of France is in second place with 28.1% of the votes, and the centrist coalition led by Macron sufficed to 21% of the votes.

The French parliamentary elections are held in two stages, and the fate of most of the 577 seats in the Parliament will not be determined until the second round of voting next Sunday.  


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