Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Minister of Finance reported the increase in the tendency of other countries to invest in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Fekri said on Saturday that countries like China, Russia, India, and others countries were interested in cooperation with Iran, and the country tried to expand the areas of cooperation as much as possible. 

Fekri pointed to the West's sanctions on Iran and noted that imposing sanctions on a country meant that some countries were against Iran's progress, or better to say Iran's development was not in their interests, so they hider the country's progress.

A population of more than 80 million, a large market with numerous and diverse well-educated workforce, climatic diversity, proximity to the boosting market of the Caspian Sea littoral countries, infrastructural network conducive to growth, efforts to create products and commercial networks and to join the production chain of goods and international services are considered the privileges for investment in Iran. 

Foreign investment in Iran has reached $5 billion from $2.4 in the last year.  


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