Tehran(IP): The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran said that "Al-Aqsa flood operation" opened a new chapter in the field of resistance and armed operations against the occupiers in the occupied territories.

Iran PressIran News:  On Saturday, the Palestinian resistance forces targeted the occupied territories, including Tel Aviv, and Ashdod, with rocket attacks in the "Al-Aqsa flood" operation.

Coinciding with the rocket attacks of the resistance forces on the occupied territories, Hamas fighters penetrated into the Zionist settlements around the Gaza Strip captured some Zionist soldiers, and took the areas under their control.

Nasser Kanaani Chafi, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs congratulated the Palestinian people and all the resistance groups and movements involved in the Al-Aqsa flood operation and stated:

"What happened today is in line with the continuation of the victories of the anti-Zionist resistance movement in various fields, including in Syria, Lebanon and the occupied territories."

Kanaani while referring to the performance of the resistance movement during the last three decades, said: "For the first time, the resistance movement in Lebanon forced them {the Zionists} to retreat from their positions in 2000 with their resistance against the Zionists, and with this resistance, they showed that the  showy myth of  The demonstration of the invincibility of the Zionist army is an empty claim and the military forces of the Zionist regime are defeatable against the resistance forces."

Iran's senior diplomat also mentioned the issue of the 33-day war in 2006 and said: "During this war, the resistance in Lebanon once again proved that the hegemony of the Zionist regime can be defeated against the armed resistance, and this became an experience for the resistance forces in Palestine and provided the ground for the currents of the anti-Zionist armed resistance to take a new life in Palestine."

Kanaani Chafi stated that in recent years, in various operations, whenever the Zionists have tried to implement anti-resistance operations, especially in the Gaza Strip, they have faced failure and humiliation, and in each operation, their resilience has been shorter than before, adding:

"Al-Aqsa flood" operation showed that the resistance movement in Palestine had very good self-confidence to carry out hybrid and multilateral operations against the occupiers, in this operation, it used the element of surprise and other hybrid methods, and this shows the self-confidence of the Palestinian nation against the occupiers.


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