Tehran(IP): In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while emphasizing Iran's principled position of opposing war and the need to resolve the differences between Russia and Ukraine through peaceful means, considered the imposition of sanctions on the defense industry of Iran by EU as baseless.

Iran PressIran news: Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned the destructive move by the Council of the European Union to impose fresh sanctions on Iranian persons and entities on bogus charges, saying the politically-motivated action will only put more obstacles in the way of cooperation.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: "The desperate efforts of some malicious currents with specific political goals to spread false information and stick to the ineffective tactic of sanctions, increases self-made obstacles in the path of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Europe."

Kanaani stated: "The European Union is talking about international law and the United Nations Charter while it has closed its eyes to the most severe and gross violation of the known principles of international law, including human rights and international humanitarian law, and the unquestionable genocide and ethnic cleansing of the oppressed people. Palestinians are suffering in Gaza and the West Bank and the EU fails to take effective measures to stop the barbaric attacks of the usurping Zionist regime.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stressed the need for the peaceful settlement of conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, adding that the sanctions on Iran’s defense sector have no basis as Tehran reserves the right to respond against the sanctions. 219

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