Tehran(IP)- The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that despite the good progress of the negotiations to lift sanctions, Europe's procrastination in summarizing prevented the desired conclusion.

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanaani in an exclusive interview with Iran Press and referring to the recent unrest in Iran added:” Europe tried to use the recent situation as a tool in foreign policy and create a gap between the government and the nation.”

He added: "They tried to score points by focusing on Iran's internal incidents and fueling them in the negotiation process."

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the topic of the negotiations was a topic in which Iran tried to lift the sanctions and create an atmosphere of cooperation with different countries of the world by using a diplomatic approach.

He emphasized: "Despite the fact that the US and Europe use the sanctions as a tool, Iran overcame it with dynamic diplomacy and the positive effect of which can be seen in Iran's economic relations with its neighbors and Asia."

Emphasizing the deep cooperation between Iran and Syria, he said that the strategic cooperation of the two countries is mainly based on the signing of a structured model document that includes the axes and topics of cooperation between the two countries.

Kanaani also stated that Lebanon is one of the important countries in resisting the Zionist regime in the region and referring to the relations between the two countries, he said: "The views of the government and people of Iran and Lebanon are close."

He also said that the current situation in Lebanon is in the transition stage.

Referring to the resistance groups in Lebanon, Kanaani also stated that they are in the best condition, which is encouraging for the Palestinian people and the axis of resistance.


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