Oct 14, 2019 12:14 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 09, 2020 15:53 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's Parliament Speaker called for the political settlements of regional issues, stressing that military action will have no results in Syria, Yemen, and other places.

Iran Press/Europe: “As military measures did not work in Syria, it won’t work in other places either. It only inflicted damages on people of Syria, and it was the same in Yemen as well,” Ali Larijani said in his meeting with Qatari counterpart Ahmad bin Abdulla bin Zaid Al Mahmoud on the sideline of the 141st Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Serbia on Sunday.

The Iranian Parliament Speaker also said that certain countries in the region have created trouble in the current volatile situation and sapped the energy of the Muslim nations, urging efforts to resolve the conflicts.

He further hailed the positive steps that Tehran and Doha have taken to enhance economic and trade ties.

For his part, Qatari Parliament Speaker said that his country’s policy is based upon dialogue.

He also pointed to Qatar’s mediation in the war against Yemen, saying the poor people of Yemen have become victims of the war.

Larijani and Al-Mahmoud are among representatives from around 180 countries attending the IPU meeting in Belgrade.

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Meeting with Algerian counterpart

Larijani also met with the Speaker of Algeria's People's National Assembly Slimane Chenine.

Larijani praised Algeria's position on Palestine's cause and Iraq and Syria war and said: "Before starting the war in Syria and Yemen, we demanded negotiation, but some countries insisted on the war."

Referring to the US efforts to negotiate with Iran, Larijani said: "Obama wanted to negotiate aimed at resolving the problems and emphasized two issues of Iran's nuclear enrichment and lifting sanctions, but Trump came to the power and ruined everything".

"It is a danger that the US to do whatever it wants and other countries are either watching or supporting just by words, including the Europeans who are just talking but not acting," he added.

Chenine, for his part, said, "Being against any military intervention in countries is our foreign policy principle", adding that Algeria's foreign policy is based on dialogue and stability in the region, so we defend the sovereignty and independence of Yemen and Syria and advocate their territorial integrities.

He stressed the necessity of expanding Algerian economic and commercial ties with Iran and added, "Iran's banking sanctions could be an obstacle to such cooperation, so I suggest to resolve these obstacles."

The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament expressed his country's support for Palestine and went on to say, "We are opposed to the US policies on Palestine issue and we will all stand by these people."

Slimane Chenine also voiced his concern about the situation of countries in the region, and said, "We are trying to stabilize the region, and in the Libyan issue, we are trying to find an internal solution based on dialogue so that Libya can re-establish its government."

Meeting with Kazakh counterpart

Larijani also met with Kazakhstan's Parliament Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin.

At the beginning of the meeting, Larijani said, fortunately, relations between Iran and Kazakhstan have always been positive.

The Iranian government has submitted a bill to parliament that is still under consideration, according to the Speaker of Parliament.

Iran's Parliament Speaker emphasized the necessity of expanding the trade relations between Iran and Kazakhstan, adding that visa facilitation is important for the development of tourism and, the business between two sides.

Nurlan Nigmatulin called Iran as one of Kazakhstan's friends and added: "The relations between the Iranian and Kazakh parliaments are very important to us and it is natural that we want the cooperation of the judicial, political and economic institutions of the two countries."

He emphasized the importance of the Caspian Sea for Kazakhstan and noted that the ratification of the Convention on the Caspian Sea's legal regime would create an appropriate situation for it.

Kazakhstan's Parliament Speaker also emphasized the necessity of business ties between Kazakhstan and Iran and said that the infrastructure needed to solve the banking problems and the heads of the central banks of the two countries should work together on this.

The 141st Assembly of the IPU is underway in Belgrade, Serbia, on 13-17 October 2019.


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