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  • London mayor slams Trump for golfing as hurricane hits US
    London mayor slams Trump for golfing as hurricane hits US

London Mayor mocked the US President for golfing as Hurricane Dorian bears down on several US states.

Iran Press/Europe: “He’s clearly busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan told Politico on Sunday, as the US President Donald Trump spent Labor Day visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia as several southern states braced for Hurricane Dorian, which on the same day reached Category 5, the highest level possible.

The US President and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have exchanged barbs ever since Trump took office in 2017, with the London mayor recently blasting the US president as the “global poster-boy for white nationalism” in an essay published Saturday, Sputnik reported.

The hurricane missed Puerto Rico and the southern part of Florida but devastated the Bahamas and is bearing down on portions of the Eastern Seaboard, with federal officials warning that strong winds are expected to affect the Carolinas and Georgia early this week.

Trump declared a state of emergency for Georgia on Sunday as Hurricane Dorian continued to head toward the US. Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina are also in states of emergency ahead of the storm’s attack.

The US President also told reporters at the White House that “Alabama is going to get a piece” of the storm, despite no other officials or agencies suggesting Alabama residents would be affected. He later explained that “under certain original scenarios, it was, in fact, correct that Alabama could have received some hurt. Always good to be prepared!” the president said in a Monday tweet, slamming the Fake News for not understanding him correctly.


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