Jul 15, 2019 14:39 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 10, 2020 21:05 Asia/Tehran]
  • 150 arrested in protest to Macron Policies
    150 arrested in protest to Macron Policies

French Police arrested at least 150 people including the protesters' heads on Sunday during the France's National Day Parade protests in Champs-Elysee.

Iran Press/Europe: The unrest happened due to the French President Emanuel Macron's policy, and the protesters called for the president's resignation, RT reported.

The protesters tried to block Champs-Elysee street with objects after security forces came into the action. They threw stones and bottles to police officers.

French police clashed with the protesters, firing tear gas to disperse them.


July 14, France's National Day, is also known as Bastille Day when Bastille Prison has seized in French Revolution 230 years ago. 205/215

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