Jun 07, 2019 19:17 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 25, 2020 15:19 Asia/Tehran]

A protest took place in Dublin over the visit to Ireland of US President Donald Trump.

Iran Press/ Europe: Demonstrators hoisted the "Trump Baby" inflatable blimp that has become a staple of rallies against him.

The rally of about 1,500 people was organized by the recently formed Stop Trump Ireland coalition of around 40 campaign groups.

Migrant rights, workers’ rights, women’s rights, peace, neutrality, equality, anti-racism, pro-Palestine — all-comers with all sorts of concerns were united in their opposition to US President.

Organizers said the protest was designed to show solidarity with those "damaged" by President Trump's policies.

Angry people protest against Trump in Dublin

Dublin was late to the anti-Trump party but the crowds who gathered on day two of the US president’s visit made their presence felt.

The Trump baby blimp bobbed about overhead at the Garden of Remembrance, surviving a sudden flash of lightning as dark clouds rolled in, rumbling with thunder as they came, Irish Examiner reported.

Organizers received special permission from the Irish Aviation Authority to fly the blimp, which has been transported from the UK.

Trump is to spend his second night in a row at the Doonbeg golf resort in County Clare. 104

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