According to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, all airports in Iran are safe from the Coronavirus.

Iran PressEurope: The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has developed a list of world airports that have taken the necessary measures, including enhanced aircraft disinfection for mitigating risks of transmission of the COVID-19 infection.

According to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, on the Middle East and Asia list, all airports in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Turkey, and Qatar are safe from the Coronavirus.

The list has been developed under the sole purpose of ensuring an extra layer of protection for passengers and aircrew and is not intended to suggest travel restrictions or other public health measures (such as quarantine) at the State level.

The list, which has been developed in coordination with the EASA Member States, is mainly based on the information from WHO, ECDC, and other reputable public health institutes, and will be updated continuously in consultation with these organizations.

Data from these organizations have been collected and arranged in a consistent manner. Overall, the list has been established based on the following factors: number of active cases, number of recovered cases, the trend of active cases per day and trend of new cases per day, number of tests per inhabitants, deaths per inhabitants and trend of deaths per day, cases in urban vs rural areas, number and size of the airports serving a specific area/population.


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