Qazvin (IP) – Chief-commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says if another anti-Israeli military operation like the Al-Aqsa Storm operation breaks out, the Zionist regime will collapse in only 48 hours.

Iran PressIran news: Giving a speech in a ceremony in Iran’s northern city of Qazvin on Thursday, Major General Hossein Salami said the Al-Aqsa Storm operation that the Palestinian Resistance forces launched outside Gaza on October 7 proved that the downfall of the Zionist regime is not distant and is much easier than what the regime and the US perceive.

He noted that Tel Aviv, the city that has been occupied by the usurping Zionist regime, is totally within the target range of attacks from Hezbollah and the forces in Gaza and the West Bank.

“If the engine of another operation like Al-Aqsa (Strom) is turned on, the time needed for the dissolution of the fake regime (Israel) will be only 48 hours so that… the regime will be totally wiped out,” the IRGC Chief-commander highlighted.

Describing the ceasefire in Gaza as a result of the Israeli army’s defeat and frustration, he stated that any war after the expiry of the truce will be limited to bombardment, because the Zionist army is incapable of proceeding with a ground offensive.

Major general Salami said filed information indicates that the Palestinian resistance forces in Gaza have detonated 300 tanks from a total of 1,600 tanks and APCs that the Zionist regime had deployed to the battlefield, stressing that the regime is censoring news while it is facing a bad situation and its economy has suffered huge losses due to the war in Gaza.

He underlined that the Zionist regime’s economy has sustained heavy damages, as Israel is losing $300 million each day in the wake of the war on Gaza.

Salami noted that the Zionist army is no longer capable of carrying on the onslaught on Gaza, as 2,000 Israeli troops have evacuated in recent weeks.

On international support for the regime, he said that the US and Europe do not support the war as they did previously, with both sides demanding a ceasefire.

More than 15,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7.

A 4-day ceasefire in Gaza came into effect last week and has been extended twice. 219

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