Pres. Rouhani:

Tehran (IP) - Referring to the Trump's administration, the Iranian President stated that the end of an administration with shame and disgrace shows that bullying, racism, and breaking the law will not have a happy ending in the world.

Iran Press/Iran News: Comparing the overthrow of the Shah's regime with the end of the Trump's administration, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated during a cabinet session on Wednesday: "In the United States, there is also the issue of the end of a government and beginning of another one. The end of a government with shame and disgrace shows that in a world of bullying, racism, and lawlessness, there will be no happy ending."

Hassan Rouhani added: "We are witnessing the anniversary of the escape of Shah with a similar incident in another part of the world. The escape of that mercenary on January 15 (Dey 26) was a symbol of the scandal and the end of tyranny and foreign colonization in Iran, and today we are faced with a unique phenomenon of the fall of another dictator (US President Donald Trump) in the United States." 

"During the last three years, our patient people resisted against this great terrorist, and despite the fact that they wanted to overthrow the regime in three months, they themselves were overthrown with scandal. These days, are not the end of a government, but the failure of a policy, that is, the policy of maximum pressure against the great nation of Iran. Today is the day of the defeat of the policy of economic terrorism, which wanted to ruin the lives of the people," President Rouhani noted.


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