Oct 14, 2019 09:38 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Nov 07, 2019 21:28 Asia/Tehran]
  • Syrian Army Deployed to Northeast Amid Turkish attacks

The Syrian Army has entered the city of Tabqah, previously controlled by the Kurdish militia, in the province of Raqqa and is moving northward.

Iran Prass/Middle East: The Syrian government has not yet provided any official statement on the matter, the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen reported on Monday.

The administration of the Kurdish authority in northern Syria announced on Sunday that it had reached a deal with the Syrian government, under which the Syrian Army would send troops to the border with Turkey to help the Kurds repel Ankara's offensive.

Turkey's encroachment, dubbed Operation Peace Spring, is targeted against the Kurdish formations in Syria.

The Syrian Army has entered the town of Tel Tamer in the country's northeast, according to state media.

The deployment comes on the heels of a reported agreement between Damascus and the Kurds controlling the area to counter Turkey's attacks.

Meanwhile, a provisional military agreement between the Syrian government and the country's Kurds is limited to the army's deployment along the border, a top Syrian Kurdish official Badran Jia Kurd told Reuters. According to the official, the two sides are expected to discuss political issues later.

Also reported that Syrian forces en-route to the city are moving to support Kurds against Turkey attack, targeted by the US-led coalition warplanes.


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