Dec 04, 2019 12:27 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 07, 2019 22:13 Asia/Tehran]

Chief of Staff of Iranian President, emphasizing the government's effort to separate the protesters from the rioters, said a three-member committee has been formed to investigate the recent protests.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on the sideline of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Mahmoud Vaezi said a three-member committee comprised of Interior Minister, Justice Minister and Vice President for Legal Affairs was obliged to consider the recent protests.

"Certainly, some of the people who were involved in the events were either passers-by or were watching or those who were not going to make a disturbance and somehow suffered. The government has to carry out the necessary investigations in this regard to separate those who are innocent from the rioters," he added according to Iran Press.

The official on the ambiguities of the number of detainees and those killed after the gas price adjustment also said, "This is not just a matter for the government, and all the relevant departments are working to tackle this problem, the police, the army, the IRGC, and the judiciary altogether."  

The report will be provided as soon as the information is complete and the first information was announced yesterday at the news and it will be announced to the public upon completion, he added.

The official on Omani FM's visit to Iran and speculation about a specific message made the remark that "The message is always there and if it means there is a message from the officials of the country and the Sultan of Oman, I say that he is carrying the message of bilateral and regional cooperation and announced that Oman supports the Hormuz Peace plan, and we have announced that we should work more closely on regional issues in light of the historical and current relations between Iran and Oman."

As Vaezi stated, the Oman Foreign Minister also announced his country's decision to expand economic exchanges and stressed that this week the Minister of Industry of Oman, along with 40 great Omani companies, will travel to Iran to form a joint commission, which was welcomed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Chief of Staff of the presidential office emphasized that Iran's policy is close cooperation and good neighborliness, making the remark, "We would like to have this close cooperation with all our neighbors." 101

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