Jan 16, 2020 01:01 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jan 16, 2020 01:51 Asia/Tehran]
  • Albania orders two Iranian diplomats to leave Tirana vain reasons

Albania has ordered the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats, claiming the diplomats had been carrying out "illegal activities" without providing any documentation.

Iran PressEurope: In December 2018, Albania also expelled 2 Iranian diplomats on the pretext of committing illegal acts.
The Albanian Foreign Ministry said at the time that it had done so after coordinating with the US and the Zionist regime.

A few days after the move, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thanked Albania's then Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati for the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats during a telephone conversation with Ditmir Bushati.

Albania has long been a haven for US-backed terrorists and the Zionist regime.

There are now more than 2,000 members of the Mojahedin Khalgh (MKO) terrorist group in Albania.

The Zionist regime and the United States have been trying in recent months to increase pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran through psychological warfare and by making false allegations against Tehran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a key member of the Resistance Front, has a vital role to play in combating the US-Zionist plots and actions in the West Asian region.


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