Jan 16, 2020 00:32 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jan 16, 2020 00:32 Asia/Tehran]
  • US lawmakers vote to send Trump to trial

The US House of Representatives has voted to send two charges against President Donald Trump to the Senate, clearing the way for only the third impeachment trial of a US president to begin next week.

Iran Press/America: Lawmakers voted 228 to 193 to give the Senate, controlled by Trump's fellow Republicans, the task of putting him on trial.

Trump has been charged with abusing his power by asking Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden, and obstructing Congress for blocking testimony and documents sought by Democratic lawmakers.

The Senate is expected to acquit Trump, keeping him in office, as none of its 53 Republicans has voiced support for removing him.

Trump impeachment would require a two-thirds majority in the 100-seat chamber, under the US Constitution.

Trump's impeachment by the House will remain as a stain on his record and the televised trial in the Senate could be uncomfortable for him as he seeks re-election on November 3.


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