Sudan (IP) - Sudanese National Ummah Party's media director said that the cancellation of the emergency conditions by Sudan's Military Council is important but inadequate.

Iran PressAfrica: Following the military coup in Sudan, people have been on the streets since October 2021. Despite the violent crackdown on protesters by the Sudanese military, they have insisted on standing up, resisting, and taking to the streets until their demands are met.

The head of Sudan's Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, recently ordered the cancellation of emergency conditions across the country. 

The Sudanese media director Al-Misbah Muhammad Ahmad told Iran press correspondence in Khartum that the cancellation of the emergency condition in the country was a plan to prepare the grounds for the formation of a political process in the war-torn country. 

He stressed that it was essential for all parties to partake in the national dialogues, avoid violence in peaceful demonstrations, and get ready for free elections in Sudan. 

The release of detainees, the extension of public freedoms, accountability of perpetrators of violence against demonstrators, and review of decisions taken after the military coup, were among the demands of the Sudanese people to end the coup in the country, he said.

Al-Misbah Muhammad Ahmad recalled that the military council had yet to attain the trust of the people and civil entities. 

He stressed that all the mistakes made after the military coup in Sudan must be corrected, and a civilian government with legal and popular authorities must be formed.


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