Sana'a (IP): The Deputy of the Yemeni Ministry of Health and Population said that the war between the Saudi coalition and Yemen has been eight years old, and during this war, thousands of Yemenis have been martyred, injured, and disabled.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with Iranpress correspondent in Sana'a, Motahar Al-Mouroni stated that the war of the Saudi coalition with Yemen has caused serious damage to the health and treatment sectors of this country, and for its reconstruction, a lot of effort and adequate budget are needed, and new facilities are needed.

The Deputy of the Yemeni Ministry of Health and Population pointed out that the lack of medical equipment and the death of Yemeni patients due to the lack of medical services are the most destructive effects of the Saudi coalition war on Yemen's health sector.

Motahar al-Moruni said that the airports and seaports of Yemen are still closed, and it is very difficult to obtain vital medicines for the treatment of Yemeni patients, and they are still dying.

Criticizing the international community's approach to the continuation of the siege of Sana'a airport, Yemen's Deputy Minister of Health emphasized that if it were not for the dedication of the people and personnel of the Yemeni Ministry of Health in providing medical services, more victims would have been killed.

March 26, is the anniversary of the start of the Saudi coalition war in Yemen.

Anis Al-Asabhi, the spokesman of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, said on Wednesday evening, while presenting the latest statistics of the eight-year war of the Saudi coalition on Yemen, that the number of martyrs and wounded has reached 48,217 people, among which 3,160 Yemeni children died and four 1,592 children were also injured. 


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