IP - Top Egyptian intelligence and security officials in a meeting on Friday discussed withdrawing countries's ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to the Israeli allegations over preventing humanitarian assistance.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Israeli representatives in ICJ defending Israel against the genocide charge at the ICJ on January 12 accused Egypt of being responsible for preventing the entry of humanitarian assistance into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, top Egyptian intelligence and security officials called a meeting on the same day to discuss withdrawing Egypt’s ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to the allegations.

Diaa Rashwan, head of the Information Service, said what the Israeli legal team relayed to the World Court about the crossing was lies.

Rashwan said that Israeli top officials had confirmed many times “since the start of the aggression on Gaza that they will not allow aid to enter the Gaza Strip, particularly fuel because this is a part of the war that their state is waging against the Strip.”

Meanwhile, Georgios Petropoulos, the director of the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs in Gaza, says the months-long war has left 2.2 million people at risk of starvation in the Gaza Strip.


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