Istanbul (IP)- The Cultural section of the Iran embassy in Ankara recently organized a commemoration ceremony for the late Professor Abdul Baqi Golpinarli, a renowned historian, writer, Iranologist, and translator of Persian literature.

Iran PressAsia: The event took place at the Faculty of Literature of Hacettepe University in Istanbul and was attended by religious and academic figures, university professors, and students.

During the ceremony, Mohammad Hassan Habibullahzadeh, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, paid tribute to Golpinarli's significant contributions to Iranian and Turkish culture and literature.

Iranian ambassador emphasized: "Golpinarli's deep understanding of Iranian literature, culture, and history has enabled him to produce exceptional works."

Mahmoud Shaloei, the head of Iran's Cultural Honors Association, also praised Golpinarli's works and emphasized the importance of introducing his scholarly achievements to both Iranian and Turkish audiences.

Also, Qasem Nazemi, the cultural attache of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Turkey, highlighted Golpinarli's role in promoting the Persian language and literature among Turks through his translations of classic works like the Masnavi by Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi, also known as Rumi.

Mehmet ÖZ, head of Hacettepe University's Faculty of Literature, underscored Golpinarli's significance in fostering cultural ties between Iran and Turkey. He noted that Golpinarli's translations have played a crucial role in bringing Persian literary masterpieces to Turkish readership and have solidified his reputation as a leading figure in global academia. 219

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