Def. Min.: We are ready to equip police force, meet their needs

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Defense stated that he is always ready to equip and meet the police force's needs.

Iran PressIran News: According to a report from the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said: "The security created is significantly due to the efforts made by the police force, and due to the current sense of security and peace we owe them."

In a strategic meeting of the Ministry of Defense, congratulating the police force week and commemorating the martyrs of the police force, Hatami said: "Due to the continuation of the serious missions of the police force, the martyrdom takes place in different areas continuously, and this chapter is always open in the police force, and the warriors, proud and dear members of the police force have always sacrificed their lives combating those who do evil which in some cases leads to their martyrdom."

Hatami went on to say: "Security is vital for all nations, especially to Iran, which is facing many threats from the enemies, and it is easy for our people to understand that the Sacred Defense and the imposed war have gone through the evils of the hypocrites and various events."

Hatami stated that the Armed Forces in general and the police force, in particular, have a prominent role in creating and defending security, adding: "In internal security, the police force is at the forefront, and the main efforts to ensure and maintain security are the responsibility of the hard-working staff of the police force."

He valued the security and the sense of security created in the society, highlighting: "Achieving this is largely due to the efforts made by the police force."

Referring to the differences between police force missions and those of other armed forces, Hatami said: "Armed forces in peacetime should be ready so that others know that the armed forces are sharp and ready for the country, and their privacy cannot be violated, while the police are in the field, and their mission is continuing and running every day."


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