Commentary (IP) - The Daesh terrorist group claimed on Thursday the responsibility for the Kerman terrorist attack as it was recognized as a proxy of the US and Israeli regime in the West of Asia.

Iran PressCommentary: It was on Wednesday evening when two bombs went off in the path leading to the Cemmetry of Martyrs in Kerman, southern Iran where people were commemorating the 4th martyrdom anniversary of Lt. Gen. Soleimani; the blast led to the martyrdom of 91 people including children and women. 

Given the status quo of the West Asian region, especially the war on Gaza and the losses inflicted on the Israeli regime during the war, the regime and its main supporter, the US, were recognized as the first accused of the terrorist attack. Yet, the two denied their role in the criminal act; the Spokesman of the US Secretary of State Mathew Miller said: "The US was not involved in it in any way and any suggestion to the contrary is ridiculous and that we have no reason to believe that Israel is involved in this explosion."

Daniel Hagari, the spokesman of the Israeli regime's army, said on Wednesday night in a press conference that the regime had nothing to say about the explosions in Iran and its focus is on the war on Hamas.

The fact, however, is that such a terrorist group as Daesh (ISIS), could never commit such a crime without the organized support of the enemies of Iran. 

IRGC Chief: ISIS agent serving US, Israel

There is definitive evidence that the US played a key role in the establishment and nurture of Daesh terrorist group to stop the Resistance Axis and has made none-stop efforts to extend Daesh's activities to Iraq and Syria and then to Afghanistan.

As the leader of the West, the US along with its Western and Arab partners, has provided extensive support to Takfiri terrorists, including Daesh, and has viewed terrorists as a tool to achieve their goals.

In one of his speeches during the 2016 presidential election campaign, former US President Donald Trump called his predecessor Obama, and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the founders of Daesh.

Still, the new democrat candidate for the 2024 Presidential election Robert F. Kennedy Junior admitted to the role of the US in the formation of the Daesh terrorist group. 

Furthermore, despite the Israeli authorities' effort to conceal its role in the Kerman terrorist attack, its long record of cooperating with terrorist groups to make Iran and other countries insecure indicates the contrary. 

ISIS claims responsibility for terrorist attack in Iran's Kerman

For example, in 2019 the Israeli army's Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot acknowledged that Tel Aviv armed the terrorists in Syria with light weapons to defend themselves.

In Iran, the Islamic Republic's officials time and again provided frequent evidence about the close relationship between the Israeli regime and terrorist groups in such cases as the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists. 

Based on what was said above, the US and the Israeli regime try to escape the label of participation in the terrorist attack and seek to direct attention to terrorist groups such as Daesh.

The Iranian Vice President for Political Affairs Mohammad Jamshidi referred in the primary hours of the Kerman terrorist attack to the US and Israeli regime's rejection of involvement in the incident and stressed that the US and Israel must be held accountable for the terrorist attack and that the terrorists are their tools.  


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