The Delta variant of the coronavirus is becoming the prevailing one in Russia as it is more contagious, deputy director of the Russian sanitary watchdog’s Central Research Institute of Epidemiology and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences said on Friday.

Iran PressEurope: Russia’s daily tally of new coronavirus cases, according to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, was 20,393.

"Currently, we observe the change of the dominating coronavirus strain. I mean the Indian Delta strain. The virus has acquired new properties to make it more contagious," Alexander Gorelov said.

According to Gorelov, the age composition of patients has also changed. Many patients are young people and teenagers with their proactive lifestyles. They spread the virus among themselves and in other age groups. Apart from that, people tend to ignore sanitary measures. They don’t wear face mask and do not observe social distancing.

Another reason for the current COVID morbidity surge, in his words, is the season of vacations when people actively move about the country. "To improve the epidemiological situation, it is necessary not only to observe all the preventive measures but, what is most important, to get vaccinated. Today, it is the only possibility to stop the incidence growth and stabilize the epidemiological situation," he stressed.