At least two rockets launched from Gaza Strip, bypassed the Iron Dome missile system and landed in the Israeli capital Tel Aviv.

Iran Press/Middle East: The attack on Thursday night marked another embarrassing defeat for Zionist regime and caused rocket alerts to blare throughout central Israel.

The Iron Dome missile system was activated but apparently failed to intercept any of the missiles, The Israeli military confirmed the news, Reuters reported.

Authorities in Tel Aviv said they would open public shelters as a cautionary measure.

Initial reports suggested that several people had to be treated for shock as this was the first time since Israeli’s last war with Gaza in 2014 that missile sirens were being activated in Tel Aviv.

Palestinian sources in Gaza said the rockets were fired from the northern part of the enclave. No Palestinian groups claimed responsibility for the attack. Palestinian resistance movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad denied any role in the attack.

The missile attack further hurts Iron Dome’s reputation as a missile shield system that was supposed to once and for all end concerns about rocket attacks from Gaza.

Israel launches attacks on Gaza

Shortly after the attack, the Israeli military launches air strikes and attacks some regions near the Khan Yunis port, in southern Gaza

Eyewitnesses in Gaza said Israeli warplanes were carrying out airstrikes across the enclave.

Iranian Press TV's correspondent said there had been no reports of casualties from the Israeli attacks, but people living in Gaza feared a major escalation from the Israeli military.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also acts as the regime’s minister for military affairs, called an emergency meeting at army headquarters after the rocket attack.

According to reports, Israelis had asked an Egyptian security delegation in Gaza to leave the area. 101/205/213

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