Israeli fighter jets have targeted Resistance forces’ positions in the Gaza strip.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to Palestinian ‘Maan’ news agency, in reaction to Palestinian youths’ protests in Gaza, Israeli warplanes targeted Resistance position in the center of Gaza strip.

Earlier, Zionist fighter jets had targeted eastern Khan Younis.

No report has yet been released about possible casualties in this attack.

Israel claimed that the attack was conducted in response to Palestinians' launching incendiary balloons from Gaza.

Some 267 Palestinians have been killed and over 27,000 Palestinians wounded by live rounds used by Israeli soldiers since the demonstrations began in March 2018.

Palestinian protests 'Great March of Return', began on 30 March 2018, for the commemoration of Land Day, when in 1976 six Palestinian citizens in the occupied lands were killed by Israeli forces after protesting the confiscation of their land. 101/211/202


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