Iranian Parliamentarian and senior member of the national security and foreign policy commission said that Iran won't accept any condition for INSTEX implementation.

Iran Press/Iran news: Sayyed Hossein Naghavi Hosseini in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency added that the action taken by France, UK, and the Germany called EU Trio which are members of 'Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action '(JCPOA) to introduction of 'INSTEX' or 'Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges' with Islamic Republic of Iran was the first step of EU to implement its commitments to Iran in Nuclear Deal framework.

"The introduction of INSTEX as a tool to trade with Iran is a positive step but conditions and marginal issues proposed after introduction of it never will be accepted by Islamic republic of Iran," Naghavi Hosseini said.

Iranian senior MP noted that INSTEX is a tool for EU to implementation of its commitments in JCPOA and any conditions set up for it should be in the framework of JCPOA, stated: "Europeans can't propose any condition for INSTEX outside of JCPOA framework, Including Iran's missile program which have no relation to JCPOA."

He emphasized that Islamic Republic of Iran will never attend in a negotiation about its missile Program.

Naghavi Hosseini reminded that INSTEX is just introduced and is in its first step, and said: "We should wait and see when European will start practical step of INSTEX and for performing INSTEX what kind of limitations or conditions will be set."

Iranian Senior MP said: "Already EU have put some conditions and limitations for INSTEX including that they say this tool is just for food and medicine ."105/205


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