Dushanbe(IP)- Prosecutors General of Tajikistan and Iran discussed and exchanged opinions on the fields of expanding judicial cooperation.

Iran PressAsia: Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri, the Attorney General of Iran, who arrived in Dushanbe on Thursday heading the high-ranking judicial commission, met with Yusef Rahman, the Attorney General of Tajikistan, and discussed and exchanged opinions expanding bilateral judicial cooperation.

During the meeting, Yusuf Rahman and Montazeri discussed the issues of cooperation between the prosecutor's offices of the two countries in the field of joint fight against crime, legal assistance in criminal cases, extradition, and transfer of convicts.

Considering the situation in Afghanistan, the two sides also emphasized the need for a rapid exchange of information in the field of dealing with international terrorism and extremism.

The memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the Prosecutor General's Offices of Tajikistan and Iran was signed during Yusef Rahman's visit to Iran in February 2021 and is valid for five years.

Prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of criminals, cooperation in fighting crimes, exchange of experiences and information regarding issues of common interest and criminal procedures, consultation for legal cooperation, preparation and review of special requests for extradition and mutual legal assistance in criminal and related matters.

Regarding administrative crimes, the exchange of information about the legal systems and internal laws of each other's countries is one of the most important provisions of this note.


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