Commentary (IP) - Four days passed from the Israeli troops' murder of the Palestinian 2-year-old child, Muhammad Haitham al-Tamimi in Palestine's Ramallah.

Iran PressCommentary: Child killing is not something new with the Israeli regime; it is a 74-year-old crime born with the Israeli regime. From 2000 to 2022, Israel claimed the lives of 2,500 children.

According to the Middle East Eye, 2022 has been the most deathful year for the Palestinians in the West Bank.  Just in 2022, at least the Israeli regime killed 220 Palestinians 48 of whom were children. And now, with 6 months passing from 2023, the regime has so far killed 28 Palestinian children.

The Palestinian children are murdered just because they are Palestinian. The regime's troops even killed Hamza Nasar 12 who was fast. 

It is their routine. The Director of the Accountability Program in Defense for Children Palestine Ayed Abu Eqtaish says murdering Palestinian children has become a normal activity because the Israeli troops are empowered to just arbitrarily kill the people. 

The regime's crimes against the Palestinians occur in the light of the silence of human rights advocates. The US and Europe, who repeatedly trumpet respect for human rights in the world, turn into spectators when Palestinian children are killed by Israeli soldiers.

What emboldens the Israeli regime to commit child killing along with other crimes against the Palestinian people originates from the Western powers and the UN's selective support for such crimes.

In the West's view, the killing of Ukrainian children in the war is considered genocide, but the Israeli regime's murdering the Palestinian children is justified as an act of self-defense. Showing a reaction to such support and the regime's recent killing of a 2-year Palestinian child, Iran's MFA Spokesman Nasser Kanaani wrote in a tweet on Tuesday: 

"Committing this horrible crime at the same time as the US Secretary of State's comments in AIPAC regarding the history of Washington's support for the Israeli regime, his reference to the $3.3 billion annual aid in addition to the extra one billion dollars of aid, and the ongoing efforts to merge the usurping regime into the region, shows the participation of the US in Israel's everyday crimes."

Kanaani referred to the newly-martyred Palestinian child and added: "The 2-year-old Muhammad Haitham al-Tamimi is the 28th innocent child who got martyred by the Israeli child-killing regime in the current year."

"The regime's supporters must be held accountable legally and internationally for the regime's continuation of daily crimes," he stressed.

Muhammad Haitham al-Tamimi, a two-year Palestinian child from the Nabi Saleh village of Ram Allah, got martyred because of the Israeli forces' shootings. 

Three days ago, during the Israeli troops' attack, Muhammad Haitham was seriously injured by the Zionist elements and finally died today out of severe wounds.


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