Damascus (IP) - With the presence of Syrian and Palestinian political and military figures, the Al-Quds International Foundation summit was hosted by Damascus under the chairmanship of Syrian president advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban.

Iran PressMiddle East: Syria's return to the Arab League and its role in important Arab issues, including Palestine, and developments in Palestine were discussed at the Al-Quds International Foundation summit.

"Syria proved its invincibility with the steadfastness of its army, leadership, people, as well as the alliance with the resistance axis," Shaaban stated.

General Secretary of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Talal Naji, at the Al-Quds International Foundation summit, stated that the victory of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement against the five-day attacks of the Israeli regime in Gaza shows the weakness of the Israeli regime.

Talal Naji stated that the Nation of Palestine is a part of the Islamic community, and all the Palestinian people are fighting against the Israeli regime.


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