Nigeria (IP) - Two Police officers have been confirmed shot to death while three others were wounded by members of the Nigerian Army in a deadly clash in Jalingo, capital of Taraba State in the North East.

Iran PressAsia: An eyewitness who saw the incident but talked to Iran Press off the camera said the fight broke out when a female police officer, who was working at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Jalingo, was stopped by a soldier at a checkpoint close to the INEC headquarters for proper identification.

After some minutes, the female police passed into the INEC headquarters but was later followed by soldiers and forcefully drag her out, and started beating her. It was at this moment that some police officers arrived and intervene but the soldiers opened fire with their rifles and killed two police, injuring three others. 

According to Police Public Relations Officer, Abdullahi Usman, the three officers were receiving treatment for gunshot wounds. Journalists went to the state INEC headquarters where the incident occurred and so many crowds gathered but police prevent them to enter. Samuel Lukas, a Nigerian citizen described the incident as very sad and unfortunate. 

"The security agencies who are supposed to defend the defenceless are now resort to clash with one another, it is very very unfortunate," said Lukas. 

He added that "In fact, I was worried as a citizen. Going by the nature of security situation in Nigeria where the country has been deviled by various acts of banditry, kidnapping and what have you, but this clash between security is coming at this time, it is very unfortunate."

In a Press Conference on Tuesday shortly after a joint security meeting, the Taraba State Police Commissioner, Sulaiman Ahmadu said "A very unfortunate incident had occurred this morning 21 March which led to the clash between the military and the Police. It was a minor argument that led to the escalation of the incident."

The Police Commissioner said an investigation team has been set up to look into the cause of the clash.

Such a deadly clash between the military and police had occurred many times in Nigeria including the one that happened in the year 2000 in Bauchi which left many police officers dead.


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