The Iranian embassy in Kabul rejects any link with weapons cache discovered at a Taliban hideout in Afghanistan’s central province of Ghazni.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Iranian Embassy in Kabul reacted to claims by local officials  in Ghazni Province on Sunday that they had found “Iranian-made” weaponry from a Taliban hideout in Ghazni City.

Iran’s mission in Afghanistan in a statement on Tuesday warned against those who attempt to harm growing relations between Tehran and Kabul. The statement added: "Political, economic and cultural relations between Iran and Afghanistan are at their highest level, and we mustn't allow these growing relations to be harmed or disrupted in any way." 

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Local officials in Ghazni claimed that discovered weaponry is of Iranian origin and included nine Kalashnikovs, five pistols, a hand grenade and a large number of bullets.

 “Currently, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan enjoy great economic and cultural relations and no party should be allowed to harm those growing ties between the two friendly governments,”

The embassy has conveyed Iran’s dissatisfaction with the matter to Afghan authorities, and seeks “clear documentation” on the claims.

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Afghan people face insecurity 16 years after the United States and its allies invaded the country as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror.

Although the Taliban militant group was removed from power as a result of the invasion, the country remains occupied and many areas are still threatened by insecurity.

The Taliban attacked Ghazni — a strategically important center straddling the main highway linking Kabul with Afghanistan’s south — in August. It was the largest terrorist operation launched by the Taliban militants since they overran the northern city of Kunduz in 2015, killing hundreds of Afghan civilians.

US intelligence agencies warned that despite US coalition bombing increases in 2017 which reached a record high in the history, the Taliban has continued to make gains in the country. According to the US Military's Special Inspector General on Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) Afghan authorities control or influence come to less than 55 percent of the country.

Iran has repeatedly rejected allegations that it aids the Taliban, saying such claims are instigated by the US in an attempt to divert public opinion from the real cause of violence in Afghanistan. 205/103

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